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How can I stop a Robin from throwing itself against my window over and over again?

Why is a crazy Robin banging against my window over and over again, and what can I do about it?

Your question is one we hear many times in the spring!  That’s nesting season for American Robins, and unfortunately, some of the male Robins are much more beautiful than they are brainy!
The robin flying into your window is likely seeing his reflection and mistaking it for another male infringing on his nesting territory.  Males get very territorial about their mate and the area around their nest, and are especially interested in keeping other male robins away. 
One way to discourage this robin behavior is to cover up the area that the robin is “attacking” so he won’t see his reflection.  That can work, and we offer ultra-violet window decals for that purpose (birds see the decals better than we do, so they sort of fade away as far as what humans see).  One lesson I learned when I had a crazy male Song Sparrow doing the same thing is that if you cover up one reflection, the bird may notice another reflection somewhere else on your house and start the whole thing over again!  A customer who told us his funny truck story would agree—his very fancy truck was tricked out with a lot of chrome, and it really kept a male robin busy for a couple of weeks! 
The best news may be this:  today your robin is lovestruck!  It all gets better in just a few weeks, when baby robins hatch.  It’s likely that your pesky robin will be much too busy helping feed the young to spend much time worrying about reflections in your windows!


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