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Townsend’s Warbler – an Exciting Winter Visitor

It's a dreary winter day, a few juncos hop around the millet tray while House Finches and chickadees work on the black oil sunflower feeder. Suddenly a flash of color zooms down to the suet feeder. What's that bird with the striking black and yellow face? Why, it's a Townsend's Warbler!

Photo by Steve Berliner

The five-inch long Townsend’s Warbler is a resident of western evergreen forests, its breeding range extending from the Pacific Northwest into British Columbia and Alaska.  It spends the winter along
the Pacific coast all the way down to Baja California.  Some winter here in the Willamette Valley and, along with the Yellow-rumped Warbler, can be found feeding at backyard suet stations.  Insects are the
warbler’s primary food but a suet feeder stocked with Insect Lover’s Nutty Feast can provide a much needed supplement to their natural foraging among the treetops. Packed with nutritious beef suet, peanut butter and dehydrated insects, it’s a true high energy feast that keeps a bird’s furnace running.