April – Tualatin Riverkeepers

Tualatin Riverkeepers is a community-based organization in Washington County that works to protect and restore the Tualatin River watershed. We build watershed stewardship through engagement, advocacy, restoration, access, and education. At Tualatin Riverkeepers, we ultimately envision a thriving watershed that acts as a valuable community resource for everyone living in the watershed, and we strive to exist at the intersection of environmental justice, protection, and conservation so that we all have equitable access to clean water, healthy ecosystems, and enjoyable river opportunities.

Each of our programs promote and create environmental awareness while inspiring stewardship. Our core work centers around three main areas: public advocacy, community engagement, and helping get people out on the river and out in our watershed to enjoy nature. In these programs, we have many opportunities for our community to join us and get involved!

In our advocacy work, we help push for environmentally friendly policies in urban planning and government. Community engagement builds environmental education through newsletters, events, and programs like River Adventures Summer Camp. Translating environmental education to outdoor experiences through our River Experiences, gets our community out in nature, building connections to our watershed and inspiring the drive to take care of our shared Tualatin River watershed. And, it lets us work with partners like Backyard Bird Shop to create specific teaching spaces to hold paddling opportunities on the Tualatin, so we can all learn more about everything that calls our watershed home.

10% of Bat House and Binocular sales for the month of April will go to support Tualatin Riverkeepers