August – Friends of Mount Tabor Park

The Friends of Mount Tabor’s purpose is to improve and/or help maintain Mt. Tabor Park for the benefit of individuals, organizations and the Park Bureau of the City of Portland; to identify and solve park problems; and to fund and participate in park projects. FMTP also offers programs to educate the public about the park’s ecological health, and its unique geological and rich cultural history. Membership dues go to support these programs:

  • Foot Patrol: Our volunteers pick up trash throughout the park, tend the trails system and signage, remove graffiti, and report larger problems to Portland Parks and Recreation. 
  • Weed Warriors: Monthly work parties (usually March through October) where volunteers work to eliminate non-native and invasive plant species from the park. FMTP funds a part-time coordinator to support the program.
  • Visitors Center: Opened most days of the year, our volunteers give park visitors information about how to have the best park experience. They supply brochures and information on wildlife and plant species, history, and the always popular dog-treat.