Bat FAQ’s

Here are a few questions about bats and bat houses that we hear a lot from our customers, and the answer to those frequent questions. . . .

Where are bat houses needed?  In areas of expanding insect populations and where natural roosts (large trees) have been destroyed.

What is the best way to mount my bat house?  Temperature seems to play a major role in the success of a bat house.  South or southeastern exposure is the ideal place for a house.  Mount the house 12 – 15 feet off the ground and sheltered from the wind.  The entry should be free of obstructions like branches.

What will increase chances for bats to move into my house? Water (streams, marshes, lakes) attract more insects and, in turn, more bats, but other insect-attracting areas work too, like gardens and fields.

Will bats occupy a bat house all year ‘round?  Oregon bats migrate south in the winter.

Why are no bats in my bat house?  Think about the local insect population – if you live near a golf course or area where pesticides are used heavily, or in a newly-developed area where few established insect colonies exist, you will have few bats.