Beneficial, Harmless Mason Bees

Mason Bee Photo by Michele Ray

Declining bee populations are a worry all over the United Sates. Parasites have decimated European Honeybee populations in recent years, resulting in a renewed interest in our native bees.

Native orchard mason bees pollinated the fruits and flowers of our continent for millions of years before early colonists imported European Honeybees!

NATIVE NORTH-WESTERNERS: Mason Bees thrive in our cool, damp climate and are more efficient pollinators than honeybees. Best of all, they aren’t aggressive– they simply don’t attack! Hang a Mason Bee Nest Block on a fence (see info on how to install one), tree, or the side of a building in February or early March to encourage these bees. We offer live hibernating Mason Bees through early March to help you jump start your colony. At the first hint of spring, they’ll emerge from winter slumber to pollinate your blossoms and to lay the eggs for next spring’s generation of bees.

START YOUR COLONY OF MASON BEES: Come to your favorite Backyard Bird Shop and we’ll show you our a complete selection of mason bee shelters, nesting trays, tubes and liners, and even the bees themselves (in season)!