Bewick’s Wren

Bewick's Wren by Dan Mitchell

Bewick’s Wrens are active at suet feeders, and on the ground beneath them in our yards.  This classy little bird also will glean insects from your trees and shrubs, anywhere a morsel of protein may be lurking. Active and busy, with its tail usually held angled up and twitching, the Bewick’s Wren is another of the relatively common yard birds of the Pacific Northwest.

Attractively marked with a striped tail, warm brown back and creamy white underparts, long curved bill and strong white eye stripe, this bird is also a good singer.  Listening to the song of a Bewick’s Wren may give you an overall impression that you’re hearing the of the often-heard Song Sparrow.  Stop and listen carefully and as you become familiar with its buzz, call and songs you’ll discover that parts of the Bewick’s Wren’s repertoire are as distinctive as they are lovely to hear!

Bewick’s Wren by Steve Jaggers

Article by Steve Jaggers