Bird Attracting Tip: Put a Branch On It!

By Darlene Betat

Over the years I have installed branches at my birdbath as a natural way to invite birds in. But when my friends, Jan and Diantha Knott, shared their success with doing the same at their suet feeder, I couldn’t help but wonder why it never occurred to me to, well—branch out. That is use branches at my suet and seed feeders too. Motivated by Jan’s photos, I went home and stuck two branches, crisscross through the bottom of my double-caged squirrel-proof suet feeder. Guess what?  The birds really like it! For a simple cage feeder, make a triangle from three branches as shown in this drawing of Jan’s feeder. To fasten the branches, Jan recommends using zip-ties and reminded me that “wire could injure a bird.” Adding branches seems to be especially helpful in getting birds to notice a new feeder or to bring new birds in to an existing feeder. Be creative. Have fun. Enjoy the birds.