Bushtits in the Spring

Photo by Skip Russell

Male and female Bushtits pair up for nesting season now, working together to build a stretchy sac-like nest using materials like spider webs, plant fiber, feathers and fur. Their elaborate nests can take over a month to build. Bushtits are monogamous, but one or two more adults may help the couple raise their young.
You can encourage Bushtits to nest near you by offering nesting material.  Stop in for an easy-to-hang package of plant or animal fiber attractive to Bushtits, other songbirds and hummingbirds.

Stocking your suet feeder pays big dividends in backyard bird watching this season!  The real fun begins when adults bring their young to your feeder.  As large in size as mom and dad, young birds put on a dramatic show of rapidly fluttering wings and frantic calls, causing their parents to work feverishly to fill those gaping mouths with suet.  So cute!

Premium suets offer more fat and protein with little seed or grain content, ideal for nestlings who won’t digest seeds until later.  Backyard Bird Shop’s Nutty Feast is our number one seller and great for baby birds, boasting 53% fat and 18% protein and containing ground-up mealworms.

Most suets tolerate warmer weather if hung in the shade or under a shade dome.  If shade isn’t an option, try an all-weather suet that won’t melt in the sun.