Celebrating Our Flock

Back: Todd Kapral, Juliann Hart, Dan van den Broek Front: Debbie Kapral, Kathryn Hurd, Colene Koehler, Linda Marzocco, Elaine Murphy, Carole Stroup

As a small, locally owned business a common question we are asked is “How have you been successful for 26 years?”  We could share with you statistics and numbers, product selection, location choices, etc.  But none of those answers would really tell you why – the real reason is the people!

Backyard Bird Shop is proud to share that out of the 33 employees currently with us, 9 of them have been with us over TWENTY Years!  Considering the first Backyard Bird Shop opened 26 years ago, you can see that these 9 people helped build and nurture Backyard Bird Shop into what it is today.  This is a huge testament to their dedication and their passion for backyard birding and our environment.  You will likely recognize their names and faces as you look through this picture.  If you have questions about product, it is likely that they have used it or have had many discussions with others who have.  If you want to hear stories about sightings, they are the folks to ask.  If you want a smile and encouragement, they are ready to give it.  And as I have witnessed, they love backyard birding and sharing this love with all of you.

Thank you for supporting Backyard Bird Shop and helping us celebrate these fine folks!