Backyard Bird Shop carries the largest selection of hummingbird feeders in town. If you haven’t taken a look at our selection before, it can be overwhelming in the beginning. Here are some tips to make your purchasing decision easier:


1. Decide where you will position your feeder. You’ll want to place the feeder in a location that is easy to maintain and view. Shepherd’s hooks, wall hooks, deck hooks and tree hooks are available to fit most any situation. Traditionally hummingbird feeders were designed to hang, but now there are hummingbird feeders that are made to stake into the ground or a flowerpot. You can also mount a feeder to your window with suction cups.  We carry many models that have the suction cups built into the feeder, plus we carry a suction cup hook that can hold a light weight feeder as well.

2.  Select your preferred feeder style. Hummingbirds are creatures of habit and will learn to drink from almost any feeder.  Fresh and reliable nectar is the real key to having repeat customers.  All of our feeders have been tested and proven to work.  We carry a number of flashy glass feeders that are as charming as the hummingbirds:
* We have a number of beautiful recycled glass feeders, works of art that are functional and attractive to the hummingbirds.
* If you are looking for a beautiful feeder for a small space you might take a look a few glass feeders we carry that incorporate copper into their designs and fit well in natural garden spaces.

3.  Want durability and ease of use? Consider a hummingbird feeder constructed of polycarbonate, a durable, UV resistant plastic. Most of our saucer style hummingbird feeders and a few of our window feeders are made of this material.  Saucer style feeders are top sellers due to the fact that they are easy to clean, easy to fill, and you can view the hummingbirds easily.  Aspects makes a number of models from 8oz. to 12 oz. capacity. You’ll especially appreciate the fact that Aspects feeders are made in the USA and backed with a lifetime warranty.  Droll Yankee hummingbird feeders also offer a lifetime warranty.  Their hummingbird feeder offering includes a large 32oz. capacity model.

4.  Ant Resistance or Rain Protection Ant moats and rain shields can be added to accessorize your hummingbird feeder. Small sugar ants can sometimes be a pest at hummingbird feeders.  Some hummingbird feeders offer a built-in ant moat, a reservoir that keeps the ants from getting into the nectar.  Or you can purchase an ant moat separately if you realize you need one.  We offer many styles and sizes of Rain Shields for hummingbird feeders exposed to the elements, so the nectar will not be diluted and the birds will have a sheltered spot to feed.

5.  The Most Important Part … The nectar!  While we offer the convenience of boxed nectar that doesn’t even require you to boil water, many customers find the homemade recipe works just fine for them.  Simply mix 4 parts boiling water with 1 part sugar, cool completely, and fill the feeder.  Remember, fresh nectar is the key, and the feeder should be cleaned and refreshed every 4-5 days.

No matter which feeder you select, you will be delighted with the fascinating birds a hummingbird feeder may attract, and thrilled with their aerial antics!