Help the Aussie Birds!

The way news is disseminated in today’s world ensures that we are made aware tragic events that happen half a world away. Once such recent one is the devastating wildfires in Australia. We have had a number of customers reach out and ask for suggestions on where to send money to help with this catastrophe.


Being the nature and bird lovers we are, we have identified Birdlife as an organization that is using donations specifically to save and protect the future of Aussie birds in fire hotspots around the country.  This is who Backyard Bird Shop has donated funds to.




We have also been in contact with friends that live in Australia and they have provided a couple of other organizations with good reputations for using donations responsibly.


WIRES – Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service


RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Australia


Thank you to our customers for reaching out for this information and loving nature around the globe.