Increase Traffic and Variety of Birds

Photo by Candi Mitchell

So you have a nice variety of birds at your seed, suet and nectar feeders? Great! Did you know you can bring in even more species by adding a birdbath?

Beautiful birds like Cedar Waxwings, Western Tanagers and Swainson’s Thrush rarely visit feeders but can be drawn in to drink or bathe in the fresh water of a birdbath.  Some birds, like robins and Song Sparrows become regulars, bathing several times a day.

What a hoot they are to watch as they splash and preen!  It’s as simple as offering a clean, shallow container of water.  Or dive in deep and add a dripper or bubbler, too!  The sound of moving water translates into natural spring in bird-talk.  That’s a sure way to make your watering hole the favorite in the neighborhood!  Stop in to see our wide selection of birdbaths, bubblers, drippers and misters.  We have solar options, too!