January – Friends of Trees

Friends of Trees is a nationally recognized, regional leader in improving the urban tree canopy and restoring sensitive natural areas-through programs delivered by thousands of volunteers. Friends of Trees greens our region while growing community.

Since our founding in 1898 Friends of Trees has planted 800,000+ trees and native plants with thousands and thousands and thousands of volunteers in 120+ neighborhoods in six counties across two states. Planting trees are a great way to replenish the environment in places where trees are sparse and are in need of being planted again. However, there are some instances where trees can be affecting their surroundings simply because they have been infected, damaged, or overgrown, so it is important to have these removed or trimmed back by professionals, for example, officials in charge of certain tree planting areas may need to call in palm tree trimming jacksonville fl services or services that can cut down the infected greenery. This will then help other trees thrive in their environment and more trees will be able to survive.

Whether it’s a forest created from our canopy of urban trees or the forest to come from our restoration plantings in sensitive natural areas, there is no doubt that the trees planted by Friends of Trees play a vital role in our region’s livability. Given rising temperatures and all that we know about the cooling and cleansing effects of trees, it’s easy to see how our work improves our natural environment. But what’s really something else is the people-power: the trees we plant are actually planted by 7,000+ volunteers every planting season.

10% of Tree Nut sales for the month of January 2022 will go to support Friends of Trees