Meet Juliann!

It takes a flock to bring you the Backyard Bird Shop experience you have come to know and love. That said, today we want to pay tribute to Juliann Hart, our long-time merchandiser. When Juliann came on board over 25 years ago, it didn’t take long for team members to discover that she had an eye for displaying merchandise. Combine that talent with her confidence and construction tools and Juliann has turned many an ordinary object into a unique and innovative display.

Juliann’s spatial acuity makes her our go-to for developing floor plans when we open a new store or move a store to a new location. Using her leadership and decision-making skills, Juliann guides teams of staff and works alongside them to transform large empty spaces into beautiful shops. All in all, Juliann has helped us open 9 new stores.

“Its been a dream job! No two stores are alike and our products are always changing.”

When the rest of us are not sure how to display new merchandise, what do we say? Ask Juliann! Over the years, Juliann has mentored many staff members–sharing basic merchandising tips as well as clever ideas. She is as resourceful as she is imaginative and she treats her talents as if everyone had them. We know better!

Thank you, Juliann, for helping us make Backyard Bird Shop such a delightful place to shop.