Nesting Season Overview – Chart

Timing of Events in Nesting Season*

Compiled by Darlene Betat using All About Birds by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

and Oregon Birds by David Marshall


Species Nest:

Construction Timing/Type/Material







American Crow LATE MAR to MID-APR

basket-nest of branches lined w/soft natural fibers lines w/pine needles, soft bark, weeds and fur



16-18 days 20-40 days
American Goldfinch JUN through JUL

cup nest in deciduous tree or shrub

plant fibers, rootlets, plant down, spider silk

2-7 eggs 12-14 days 11-14 days
American Robin EARLY MAY to LATE AUG

cup nest in tree or on protected nesting shelf, etc.

grasses, twigs, rootlets, etc., reinforced w/mud

3-5 eggs 12-14 days 13 days
Anna’s Hummingbird EARLY FEB to MID-JUN

cup nest on branch or other structure

plant down, animal fur, spider webs, lichen, etc.

2 eggs 14-19 days 20 days
Bewick’s Wren MAR to APR

cup-nest in birdhouse, cavity, or protected crevice

plant down, grasses & dried vegetation, twigs etc.

3-6 eggs 14 days 14-17 days
Black-capped Chickadee LATE MAR to EARLY APR

readily uses birdhouses, may excavate own cavity lined with fur, moss and fine dried vegetation

1-13 eggs 12-13 days 16 days
Black-headed Grosbeak LATE MAY to MID-JUN

bulky cup nest hidden in tree or shrub

twigs, stems, rootlet, fine plant fibers,

hair, etc

2-5 eggs 12-14 days 10-14 days
Bushtit FEB to MID-APR

sock-like nest with well-insulated base moss & plant down, animal fur, spider webs

4-7 eggs 12 days 14 days
California Scrub-Jay LATE FEB – LATE MAY

basket-like nest of branches w/inner cup nest

use fine plant fibers (esp. coconut) and animal hair

3-6 eggs 17-19 days 17-19 days
Chestnut-backed Chickadee LATE MAR to MID-JUN

birdhouse or cavity (existing or own excavation)

uses fur, moss, vegetation to build sponge-like pad

4-10 eggs 19 days 18-21 days
Dark-eyed Junco LATE APR to EARLY JUN

cup nest on ground/branch in hanging basket/old robin’s nest

animal hair is preferred lining; grasses,

pine needles

3-5 eggs 11-12 days 11-13 days
Downy Woodpecker LATE APR to LATE MAY

birdhouse or cavity

(excavation can take 1-3 weeks)

4-5 eggs 12 days 18-21 days

cup nest in tree/hanging plant, on nesting shelf/structures

fine weed/grass stems, leaves, plant/animal fibers

2-6 eggs 13-14 days 12-19 days
Lesser Goldfinch MID-APR to LATE JUN

cup nest in fork of branches of tree or shrub

plant fibers, spider webs, fur, feathers, wool, etc.

3-6 eggs 12-13 days 12-14 days
Northern Flicker MID-APR to MID-MAY

Birdhouse or Cavity

few wood shavings on bottom

5-10 eggs 11-13 days 24-27 days
Pileated Woodpecker LATE MAR to EARLY MAY

excavates a cavity excavation takes 3-6 weeks

4 eggs 15-18 days 24-31 days
Pine Siskin APR through JUL

cup nest on end of concealed, horizontal branch coarse/fine grasses/stems/rootlets, soft plant down

3-4 eggs 13 days 15 days
Red-breasted Nuthatch MID-APR to MID-JUN

cup nest in birdhouse or cavity

uses fine strips of bark and wood shavings

5-8 eggs 12-13 days 18-21 days
Song Sparrow MID-APR to LATE MAY then


cup nest on ground or in shrub up to 5 ft off ground

coarse and fine grass stems

2-6 eggs 12-15 days 12-19 days
Spotted Towhee MID-APR to LATE JUN

cup nest in depression on ground, concealed by log/plant/etc

leaves/stems/bark strips, grass, pine needles, hair

2-6 eggs 12-13 days 10-12 days
Steller’s Jay LATE MAR to LATE JUN

bulky cup nest of stems/leaves/moss held w/mud cup lined with pine needles, rootlets or animal hair

4-5 eggs 16 days 16 days
Tree Swallow MAR through JUN

birdhouse or old woodpecker cavity

lining: feathers, dried grasses

5-7 eggs 14 days 16-24 days
Violet-green Swallow APR through JUN

birdhouse or old woodpecker cavity

lining: feathers, dried grasses and vegetation

4-6 eggs 15 days 23 days
Western Screech-Owl courtship beings JAN/FEB

uses old woodpecker cavity or appropriate nestbox; builds no nest; lays eggs on whatever is in cavity

2-7 eggs 26-34 days 4 wks +?