Do-It-Yoursel No-Freeze Hummingbird Feeder Set-Up

If you have an aluminum pie plate, Backyard Bird Shop has everything else to create a no-freeze feeding station for Anna’s Hummingbirds.

Materials Needed:

(1) ring-perch style hummingbird feeder
(1) Lightweight 44 watt de-icer
(3) 3” bronze S-hooks
(1) aluminum pie dish from your pantry
(1) outdoor-safe extension cord

Instructions for set-up:

1. punch three holes (evenly spaced apart) at the edge of an aluminum pie dish.
2. slide s-hooks through the holes and attach two of the s-hooks to a ring-perch feeder
3. slide the de-icer between feeder and pie dish and attach the last s-hook to the feeder
4. adjust de-icer’s position if necessary then plug in and relax!