October – Willamette Riverkeeper

For 25 years, Willamette Riverkeeper has worked to protect and restore the Willamette River’s water quality and habitat. Using the tenets of education, advocacy, and research the organization has carefully grown and expanded programming over the past 25 years to continually educate and engage residents of the Willamette River Basin. Today WR implements multiple programs including River Discovery, River Guardians, Habitat Restoration, Clean Water Act Enforcement and Superfund Clean-Up, Endangered and Threatened Species Research, and River and Willamette Water Trail Stewardship. Willamette Riverkeeper also owns and stewards 4 riverside proprieties, encompassing over 350 acres of floodplain land, for public access and recreation.

The Willamette River Basin is home to more than 70% of all Oregonians and 4 of our largest cities, and Willamette Riverkeeper believes that a healthy basin directly correlates to a healthy population. Our mission and work benefits not only those that recreate on and in the river or use it for other purposes, but also those who live along its banks and within its Basin.

Willamette Riverkeeper offers the community-wide basin multiple ways to get involved with the river in their backyard.  We encourage people to join us on a monthly Discovery Paddle – these are held each month and are free to the general public.  During the se 2-3 hour paddles participants learn about the river, its ecology and history.  We also welcome people to join us for a volunteer opportunity, whether you come out for one of our River Guardians a monthly trash clean-ups in Eugene, Corvallis, Salem or Portland or join our Habitat Restoration team on a paddle and pull or aquatic weed survey!  It is our goal to engage 1000’s of Oregonians each year to paddle on and work to help clean-up and restore the Willamette River.


10cents per pound of Pacific No Waste sales for the month of October 2021 will go to support Willamette Riverkeeper