Our Flock

Backyard Bird Shop embodies a remarkable mix of people. Customers, artists, vendors, and staff –all connected by an appreciation of nature. Intermingling within such a diverse flock allows for an incredible exchange of ideas, interests, perspectives, and knowledge. Our exchange is always meaningful, whether it is simple and fun or powerful and inspiring.
In addition to sharing a love of nature, our staff are individuals who enjoy working with people and are passionate about customer service. We open our doors every day looking forward to connecting with customers and deepening their appreciation for nature. It is rewarding to us to be able to help others whether we are tracking down a part for a broken feeder, providing solutions for a wildlife problem, offering natural history morsels about birds and wildlife, or simply swapping stories and getting to know each other better. We enjoy building real and meaningful connections.
Many of our staff have backgrounds in biology, gardening, or teaching. Our flock is made up of full time and part time individuals including some who have worked with us for over 20 years. Recognize any of these flock members?

Elaine’s interest in the natural world began thirty-some years ago when making regular visits to the ducks at Commonwealth Lake Park with her 3-year-old […]

When Genece was 5 years old, her father saw exceptional talent in her doodles and, much to her displeasure, he required her to draw […]

When Juliann came on board over 25 years ago, it didn’t take long for team members to discover she had an eye for displaying […]

Linda has been a part of our team since 1992. In the early days there was no such position as giftware buyer – to […]

Hey there! My name is Sam and I have been with Backyard Bird Shop since 2010. They hired me fresh out of high school […]

Brandon Burger is a wildlife enthusiast and lifelong conservationist with a Bachelor of Science in biology, focusing on mammalogy, botany, and ornithology. Born and […]

I’m new to BYBS but not to Portland. I was born and raised here but  picked up the bird bug while living in New […]