Product List

We have compiled a list of our seed, suet and most popular products offered at our 5 local shops.  The list is relatively short and does not represent all that is available for purchase.  It is our hope that a product list such as this will help you identify the more popular items in order to make the ordering process easier and more seamless for both you and our staff.  You can always call your local shop and ask questions and have us email you photos of products that we have in the store if you are looking for something not on this list.

Unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee items to be in stock as our suppliers are also experiencing disruptions to their business.  We will do our best to ensure we keep our product list updated to those items we will have in-stock or those items we expect to have in stock.

As you all know, we have always taken pride in being a brick and mortar shop. We want to provide education, quality product and a great experience. Online shopping has not been a goal of ours and still is not. We really appreciate the grace and patience you have all shown us as we navigate this situation we all find ourselves in and am thankful for your commitment to supporting our locally owned shop!