In Store Products

Bird, Squirrel and Wildlife Food

We believe we have the freshest, cleanest and widest variety of bird and wildlife seed and food west of the Rockies!  Among our offerings are shell-free options that offer less mess and won’t sprout as well as bird seed that is squirrel-resistant.   

  • Black-oil Sunflower
  • Sunflower Chips
  • Nyjer Thistle
  • Finch Mix
  • White Proso Millet
  • Whole & Shelled Peanuts
  • Nut Mix (shelled tree nuts and peanuts)
  • Cracked Corn
  • Variety of Seed and Nut mixes including standard and premium blends
  • Suets -5 brands with lots of variety including squirrel resistant suets
  • Seed Cakes
  • Seed Logs
  • Seed Bells
  • Dried Mealworms
  • Live Mealworms
  • Nectar Mix

Hummingbird Feeders & Supplies

Backyard Bird Shop is proud to offer unique and wide selection of  hummingbird feeders including feeders made in the USA. Our hummingbird feeders include unique and beautiful recycled glass feeders in an array of stunning colors, traditional bottle feeders, easy-to-clean saucer feeders and more!  We proudly carry:

  • Hanging Hummingbird Feeders
  • Window-Mount Hummingbird Feeders
  • Hand-held Hummingbird Feeders
  • Heated Hummingbird Feeders
  • Add-On Heaters
  • Nectar (always clear!)
  • Hummingbird Nesting Materials
  • Hummer Swings
  • Ant Moats
  • Bee Guards
  • Rain Domes
  • Cleaning Brushes designed for Hummingbird Feeders

Birdhouses & Nesting Materials

We offer birdhouses built to Audubon Society’s specifications for native birds and are well constructed and easy-to-clean.  Choose from traditional, rustic, artisan, and modern birdhouse designs that are fabricated from new or recycled cedar, hollowed-out logs or gourds, or recycled plastic.

We carry birdhouses for:

  • Chickadees
  • Nuthatches
  • Wrens
  • Bluebirds
  • Woodpeckers
  • Swallows
  • Owls
  • Wood Ducks

We also carry Nesting Shelves for:

  • American Robins
  • House Finches
  • Barn Swallows

And don’t forget Nesting Materials!

  • Locally-sourced animal fibers
  • Locally-sourced ready-to-hang nesting material stations
  • Plant fiber ready-to-hang nesting stations

Mason Bee Supplies

  • Bee Houses
  • Nesting Holes: Stacking Trays, Tubes, Tubes & Liners, Liners, Natural Lake Bed Reeds
  • Cocoons  (seasonal)
  • Shelters/Release Chambers
  • Accessories: Clay Mud Mix, Bee Attractant, Nest Guard Bags, etc.
  • Books and Life Cycle Chart


No one binocular is best for everyone. We carry standard, mid-sized, and compact binoculars that including fog- and water-proof.  Stop by our shop to find binoculars that suit your needs and your budget.

  • Vortex Binoculars – Lifetime Warranty
  • Opticron Binoculars  – 5 Year Warranty

Bird Feeders & Accessories

Our selection includes feeders crafted from wood, recycled plastic, metal, ceramic and more. Most of our bird feeders are US-made and many are locally-crafted. We have traditional, decorative, whimsical, and unique designs sure to fit the bill or beak you are looking for.

  • Tube Feeders & Accessories
  • Hoppers, Fly-thru & Tray Feeders
  • Gazebo & Artisan Feeders
  • Whimsical and Unique Feeders
  • Squirrel-Proof Seed Feeders & Baffles
  • Suet Cages, Tailboard Suet Feeders, Squirrel-proof Suet Feeders
  • Seed Cake Cages
  • Seed Log Feeders, Squirrel-proof Log Feeders
  • Protective Rain Domes
  • Assortment of Cleaning Brushes

Squirrel Feeders & Houses

You will go nuts over our selection in our squirrel department! Most of our squirrel feeders and houses are US-made and many are locally-crafted. Your squirrels will be sure to entertain you when you bring them in to one or more of the following type of squirrel feeders:

  • Nut Boxes
  • Jar Feeders
  • Corn Feeders (bungee cord, teeter-totter, picnic table, twirling)
  • Chew-Resistant Feeders
  • Hollowed-out Log Squirrel Houses
  • Cedar Plank Squirrel Houses

Birdbaths, Fountains & Accessories

  • Birdbaths made from Concrete, Glass, Ceramic, Metal and Food-Grade Plastic
  • Select from pedestal, hanging, staked and ground birdbaths
  • Decorative and Simple Bubbler Kits
  • Solar Fountains
  • Misters & Drippers
  • Heated Birdbaths & Deicers
  • Water Wigglers
  • Cleaning Brushes
  • Eco-friendly Anti-Algae Products

Bat Houses & Reference Books

Our Bat Houses are US-Made with many being designed and crafted right here in the Pacific Northwest.  You will find quality constructed bat houses in traditional, rustic, and artisan designs made from wood or recycled plastic.

  • Bat Houses
    • Single
    • Doubles
    • Condos
  • Bat House Kit
  • Books on bats including field guides, house construction, etc.


Everything you need to hang your feeders and houses!

  • Shepherd’s Hooks & Cranes and add-on arms
  • Poles, Arm Toppers, Flanges, Deck bases
  • 4×4 bases and augers
  • Screw-mount Wall/Deck Hooks
  • Clamp-mount Wall/Deck Hooks
  • S-Hooks ranging from 3” to 58” in various shapes and colors

Nature-Inspired Gifts for the whole family!

  • Kids toys, books, puzzles
  • Jewelry
  • Greeting Cards
  • Garden Art
  • Rain Gauges
  • Thermometers
  • Wind Chimes
  • Spinners
  • Garden Flags/Stands
  • Mailbox Wraps
  • Peace Poles
  • Solar Lanterns & Garden Art
  • And soooo much more!

Eco-friendly Home, Yard & Garden Solutions

  • Anti-strike Window Decals
  • Scare Tape
  • Beneficial Nematodes (seasonal)
  • Live Ladybugs (seasonal)
  • Woodpecker deterrents
  • Wasp deterrents/traps

Still have a question or did not find something you were looking for?  Please give one of our shops a call to see if we can help.