Is Rain Getting Your Seed Wet?

Photo of House Finch by Candi Mitchell

If rain is getting your seed wet, we have a few ideas for you:

Is rain getting your seed wet?  Consider these possibilities:

1.  If you like wood bird feeders, select those that are fortified with large roofs and screen bottoms for better drainage.  We favor wood feeders with completely-sealed roofs (no piano hinges) that lift off for filling.
2.  If you have a tube bird feeder, you may be able to slide a rain guard over the hanging bale of your feeder for a snug fit, or you can always hang your feeder from a rain umbrella designed to accept any tube feeder.  We recommend you bring your feeder to your nearest Backyard Bird Shop to find which design will work best for your feeder.
3.  If you’re currently searching for a good water-resistant feeder, have a look at the Squirrel Buster Plus!  It’s a really good no-mess feeder.  Not only is it squirrel-proof, it also keeps seeds dry.