Ready for the Rain?

Soups and stews are popular among folks when fall rains arrive, but birds do not share our passion for these in any season. Explore protection to maintain the quality of your seed, suet and nectar during our rainy season.

Domes help protect food and areas birds must access to feed. To get the most protection, find a dome that allows your feeder to fit snuggly up inside it. Feel free to bring your feeders in to help you select a dome that will offer the best protection from rain and snow.

Feeder FreshTM is an all-natural way to wick moisture away from seed. It prevents growth oves, sparrows, juncos, towhees, and thrushes naturally forage on the ground. Yet calling them ground-feeding birds can be misleading. Domes And Feeder Fresh To The Rescue Bring Ground-Feeding Birds Up! of disease-causing mold, keeping your feeder clean, dry, and healthy for birds. You can use it in any type of feeder that has an enclosed structure, such as tube feeders and hoppers. If your feeder has steep diverters, blend Feeder Fresh 50/50 with seed in the bottom few inches of the feeder. Without diverters, you can use ¼” to ½” of Feeder Fresh at the bottom of your feeder. The actual amount to use depends on the size/style of feeder and how exposed it is to rain.