Roosting Pockets Definitely Attract Wrens!

An inexpensive, highly functional roosting pockets can be a popular spot on a chilly or breezy night. Made from natural coco fibers, it provides a cozy pocket for small birds to roost (sleep) in at night.

An inexpensive roosting pocket can make a cozy shelter for a small bird, protecting it from rain and wind, or providing a sleeping spot at night. We have heard multiple reports of wrens using roosting pockets at night, and it is possible for a bird to take refuge in a roosting pocket any time the weather might create the need.  Nestle a roosting pocket in a tree or bush, or hang it under an eave or off of a fence, and watch the birds take refuge from the elements. Our roosting pockets are woven of natural grasses and straw, and look as charming as they are useful.