Attract birds, and foil mosquitos, by having running water in your backyard!

Here’s how to attract birds while you foil mosquitos:

Offer running, not stagnant, water!   Birds are quite attracted to running water, perhaps because in nature, running water is cleaner water. Female mosquitoes lay eggs on the surface of stagnant water, so the water movement causes mosquito eggs to be disturbed so that the young never develop.  Here are a couple of easy options to help you create an attractive water source for birds as you foil fthe mosquitos:

Add a Mister or Dripper to your birdbath.   Hang a dripper on the side of the birdbath, or run the tubing up a tree trunk and position the mister on a branch above. We offer a mister/dripper combo that gives you a lot of positioning flexibility to create moving, fresh water effect that birds find irresistible.

Add a Solar Pump to your birdbath. A solar pump is an environmentally friendly option that can turn any bird bath into a fountain.