Hey there! My name is Sam and I have been with Backyard Bird Shop since 2010. They hired me fresh out of high school with no birding experience, I have since added 311 identified birds to my life list. I started out as just a backyard birder, and I now have 9 feeders at my house and outside my windows (which my cats LOVE). I love going on our guided walks, talking to the customers there and getting to know them more through the walk. I also volunteer with the local refugee’s when I can, walking the trail talking to people, seeing their photos, getting insider information on where the birds are, and just seeing people out and enjoying the outdoors. My favorite part working in the store is getting new people started on feeding the birds, you can see the excitement building, especially when we show them the feeding station in the back of the store. I love helping people ID birds, seeing the photos that they take, or just talking about what is going on in the area while in the store.