Squirrel Fun Facts

Red Fox Squirrel photo by Darlene Betat

Know these facts about our fascinating, furry friends?

*  Squirrels can jump up to six feet in one bound.
*  A squirrel uses its tail for balance, allowing quick maneuvers without falling.  It also uses it as a parachute, a blanket in the winter, and to communicate with other squirrels.
*  Squirrels like to nest in a hollow tree cavity or squirrel nest box, or build a nest of twigs and leaves.  They line their nest with soft materials like fur and feathers.
*  Tree squirrels don’t hibernate in cold weather.  They’re most active between dawn and mid- day.  During severe conditions, they may not leave the nest for days.
*  Late winter mating season encourages breathtaking acrobatics as males chase females, and chase off other suitors, at top speed.
*  Baby squirrels are born blind and naked in the spring, and weigh one or two ounces.  They’ll venture out of the nest in eight to ten weeks.