Welcome the Newest Members of our Flock

November 2016

As many of you know, Scott Lukens and Molly Evans founded and nurtured Backyard Bird Shop’s flock of shops for 26 years.  We’re happy to share that a new generation of backyard bird lovers are swooping in to help:   Molly’s niece and her husband have joined our flock!

Along with Todd Kapral, our Vancouver shop partner, Amanda and Colin Brainard will continue to guide Backyard Bird Shop toward the goal of encouraging the conservation and appreciation of wildlife by connecting people with nature starting in their own backyards.  We will continue to be a staff of wildlife enthusiasts and birding experts committed to helping you create your own backyard wildlife habitat to nurture and enjoy.

If you see Colin or Amanda in a shop, we hope you’ll give them a moment to introduce themselves to you and thank you, our customers!  You are the reason we get to open our doors every day to swap stories and tips with you, for the mutual purpose of transforming typical urban backyards into habitats for birds, mason bees, squirrels, bats, and other wildlife.


Pictured:  Amanda, Colin, Kaden and Piper Brainard

Photo by Meg Bigham Photography, Washougal, WA